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My name is Selina Rose and I’ve created this page as a hub for all things local Latin music. I’ve lived in Austin for a few years now and am excited and passionate about the growth of the Latin music scene, specifically in my city. My love of this scene started early. I was born and raised near the border of Mexico in a small town called Eagle Pass. The music available to me was very limited. This was long ago, before Spotify and Apple Music and the ability to find anything our hearts desired on the Internet. Growing up, we had to travel an hour away just to find the closest music store growing up. The music I knew was what I heard playing in my neighborhoods and schools: Tejano, cumbia, latin rock. This is what was playing at school dances or family parties. My taste in music eventually expanded as I discovered different genres as they became more available, but I will always have a soft spot for the music of where I came from.

Upon moving to Austin, I discovered many international musicians who have brought their culture to share with Texans and North Americans alike. Austin is home to two of the largest music festivals, SXSW and Austin City Limits, which in the recent years have both come to feature more and more Latin artists. Austin also celebrates Latin music with several different smaller festivals as well. Austin continues to attract Latin musicians from various countries and backgrounds. These musicians share with their new scene just as we did when we first started traveling just a few minutes up I-35. It still inspires me to this day to seek out new music.

Even years later, I enjoy seeking out both well-versed veterans of the Latin scene and the newbies looking to dip their toes in and learn more. The goal of this site is to be a point of reference for both, and I am looking forward to share these new experiences with you! Please visit the resources page to learn more about groups with like-minded individuals.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything


Some favorites around Austin and some of their upcoming events I look forward to


I have a growing collection of photos from shows I attend. I'm not a professional by any means but each of them mean something to me and I enjoy pretending I'm decent at it! This is a collection of photos from a band I follow called Superfonicos. They're Colombian funk and so much fun to see live.

SXSW 2019 Highlights

One of the most fun and unique showcases I experienced this year was the Colombian music showcase located at Speakeasy on Thursday, March 14. The showcase featured acts from Colombia (of course) playing sets of all genres in the venue's two different rooms. Here are some my favorites of the night.


I had not heard of Mabiland before this showcase, but coming across her set early Thursday is exactly why I love SXSW. She is a young rapper/singer-songwriter from Medellin, Colombia. She is an amazing vocalist and rapper as well, and had a soulful talented band backing her.

Los Gaiteros de Ovejas

The gaita is a traditional Colombian instrument from the Carribean coast. There are several bands of "gaiteros" from the region; this band of gaiteros flock from Ovejas, Colombia. They also play traditional percussion.

La Mojarra Electrica

Mojarra Electrica was the most fun. They had an intense energy and fast beats. The rhythm section killed and the lead singers vocals were powerful.

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